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Free Happy & Thriving

Online Business & Marketing Podcast

A Podcast for the woman who is on a mission to live a free happy and thriving life through the power of their online business. She works her business around her life and builds it on her passions, skills, dreams and decisions.

She knows that as long as she goes forward in the direction of her dreams she will run her business true to her self. Imagine each podcast like we are both sitting in a café sipping our favourite drink, and chatting business. I share behind the scenes in my business and hold nothing back, knowing that you will take not only the lessons I learnt but also those you will yourself learn in between the lines, by getting the answers you want.

We talk all things marketing, strategy, business, offers, funnels, launches, mindset and so much more. Come by and listen in, I can't wait to help you grow the online business of your dreams.

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Guests Testimonials

''Thank you Georgina for a beautiful conversation! You made me feel so relaxed and it was one of the best conversations I’ve had in a long time! You’re a fab interviewer and I can’t wait for the episode and also for future collaborations with you!'' - Mangla Sachdev at Expat Business In a Bag