Episode #40: Your Mind Only Believes What You Say- Self-Love, Business & Mindset with Jane Kilian

Episode #40: Your Mind Only Believes What You Say- Self-Love, Business & Mindset with Jane Kilian

Whoop whoop this is episode 40! And I'm so excited for our guest today, and the raw, open and truly mindset-shifting conversation I've had with Jane Kilian, creator of the Self Love Club.

Jane has been a personal trainer for 14 years and has heard every pain point of every woman she has ever trained. She realized they all had something in common, not loving themselves. So she realized she needed to create change from the INside out and not the other way around. Unselfishly Me, her self love brand, was born in 2018 and has been doing just that. Her signature 8 week e-course was where it all started and grew to self love retreats, podcast, workshops and The Self Love Club, a monthly self love content and community. Her new favourite focus is on teaching beginner yoga. In a world where yoga can seem intimidating going to a class, she breaks it down and teaches you from the mat up. Literally how to stand on your mat, to downward dog to flowing through a sun salutation. Her passion is helping you figure out your Aha moment and rewrite your story, for your happiest and most authentic YOU.

I loved talking to Jane today about her business journey, how she had to tap into her own passions and realise she had something special to help women not only with weight loss but also their mindset and self-image. In this interview, I also share my raw story of my own weight gain and weight loss and weight gain and how today, although at my heaviest weight, I'm in the best mental space I've ever been with self-love and just breaking down any negative ideas set on me and how I'm navigating that.


This is a different topic than we usually have on the podcast, and I couldn't love it more. I think you will find Jane's perspectives and teachings as empowering as I did.

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