Episode #34: Freebies or Free Content What's More Important?

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In this episode we talk free content, sharing value on Instagram TikTok, Youtube, podcasts like these, blogs, collabs, paid ads AND/OR creating strategic freebies behind an opt-in which grows your email list.

If you've been trying to split your time and figure out whether putting out more freebies, or no freebies, or putting out more content on socials is the right move, this episode is for you. Let's take the overwhelm out, look at it from the outside in and make some powerful decisions that work for each and one of our businesses.

Truly, in a marketing funnel, both have a place. When you listen to this episode, I hope you can grab your fav drink and imagine we are having a biz besties chat. I'll share with you my thoughts and experiences on how both freebies and free content serve your business.

And, as always, I assume you want the simpler way, the faster way, the less overwhelming way. That's why we'll chat about impact and how you can decide what's best for your business.

If you want to see how I use freebies with mini-funnels to find my people, grow my email list and make more sales, check out my Free Guide. The Paid Ads Mini Funnel is a BTS look at one of my exact mini-funnels with a low-cost paid ad, strategic freebie, and a lot of intention to find my people.

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