Episode #39: What I'd Do if I Had $0 Marketing Budget and Needed to Make Sales

Episode #38: What I'd Do if I Had $0 Marketing Budget and Needed to Make Sales

This episode lays out exactly my bundle marketing strategy - what I'd do if I had $0 budget, but I still wanted to grow my email list and make sales. Here's a summary of what I share with you:

Important: although I do have marketing budget, I already use this strategy regularly as part of all my marketing activity.

  • The first step I'd take to market my business for free if I have $0 budget or something happened and I need to reprioritise/scale down my finances
  • Exactly what software I'd use and their free plans (linked below)
  • How I'd set it all up so I can build my email list with my ideals clients + make sales
  • Where I'd find these bundles (and how to find them on my own social media if you are in my niche)
  • How I'd set up to make affiliate and upsells and sales after

This is me approaching the 16 mins in the interview as if it was a 1:1 session and I gave you a quick, simple and free-to-set-up mini funnel.

Here are the software links mentioned that I use (please note some are affiliate or referral links)

  • Convertkit email marketing software - free plan (completely free, not a trial) here
  • Canva free plan (completely free, not a trial) here
  • Teachable - you can join here completely free (not a trial) and if you choose for any reason to go with one of their paid plans you'll get $25 credit towards your subscription by using my referral link

I hope this serves you and helps you to get this powerful mini funnel in place that will help you use collaborations to build your email list and make sales even if you don't have any marketing budget at the moment.

  • Want to learn more about my bundle process? It's all included in my signature email marketing course - Grow an Email List of Buyers
  • Have a bit of budget ($30 a month at least?) and want to see how I use paid ads to grow my email list? Download my Free Paid Ads Mini Funnel Guide here
  • Want the exact steps I use to plan and track my email list growth monthly? Download my Email List Planner & Tracker for only $9 here

Thank you for listening, I appreciate you. If you have any questions about the strategy in this episode email me at assistant@georgiandacosta.com or drop me a DM at @thegeorgiandacosta on IG xx

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