Episode #38: How to do what you want & what's good for your business as an introvert with Introverpreneur Coach Tara Reid

Episode #38: How to do what you want & what's good for your business as an introvert with introverpreneur coach Tara Reid

I'm so excited to have had the chance to sit down and record this interview for you with the amazing Tara Reid. I crossed paths with Tara about half a year ago when I participated in two of her live events and since then I've really loved what she does in the online space. To start with, Tara email marketing work is absolutely amazing and she is proof that you can build a strong presence and community off social media and build through connections as long as you lead all roads to your email list and nurture that.

Tara Reid has been a multi-passionate online entrepreneur for almost 17 years now. She loves helping other multi-passionate and introverted entrepreneurs ways to build a more sustainable (and less energy draining) way of building their business. She’s also the host of the Introvertpreneur virtual summit and has been a guest speaker at over 20 virtual summits.

Ways to connect with Tara:

Free Resource: ⁠How To Market Your Business As An Introvert⁠

The summit I participated at with Tara ⁠(Funnel Fest) affilink*⁠

All Tara's free & paid offers: ⁠thetarareid.com⁠

⁠The Introverpreneur podcast with Tara Reid

I hope you enjoy this episode and it empowers you to do business your way, whether you love the camera or would rather blog, there's someone out there making it work and you can too and Tara has so much evidence to show you it's possible!



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PS: believe in your dreams, anything is possible for you x