Georgiana Dacosta

Marketing Consultant since 2012, Course Creator and Business Mentor for women to want to make money online with the help of paid ads, without breaking the bank.

I show you how to start earning straight away with a simple service offer - something you already know right now.

You know you're meant to do something for yourself and there's something out there for you, a way to share your passion with the world, help others and get paid for it.

I'm here to help you through your journey and support you. It's time to take the leap and start making money selling

services online.

I've been running ads every day of my life since 2016. I am a marketing consultant and I manage six-figure ad budgets for my clients. They turn over millions in revenue from the ads I run for them.

I also run ads for myself and I'm constantly growing my small but mighty audience on autopilot, because I'm a mom of two and I don't have all day to make tiktoks and reels, but I do have $1-$5 a day to put into building the most important asset in my business - my email list - aka my audience, where I make all my sales.

I'm so excited to show you my simple strategy of how you can do the same and support you to implement inside the membership.


Hi, I’m Georgiana Dacosta.

Have you ever dreamed about selling services online with what you know so you can travel the world, build a career on your terms online (phone, laptop, wifi, done), and spend time with those you love (stay-at-home mom, see husband more than colleagues)?

Me too.

2012 - After graduating from Marketing and Management at University (college) I started a freelance business selling done for you services on freelance platforms.

2012-2016 I earned some money. Learned a lot. Traveled a lot more! But Struggled mostly. Burnt out. Quit. Got a job. Came back. Had to find a better way to run my service biz.

Late 2015 - decided it was my time to thrive. did the necessary inner and outer work to make it happen. Found my dream clients (also got married).

2017 - Started planning for children. Curated my freelance business to only do work that I love, only have dream clients (which for me meant scaling down to 1 dream client dream project), and earn so good for it. Broke through barriers. Took risks. Leveled up. Did it.

Today - my freelance business (I'm a marketing consultant) still pays me a full-time income! I stay home with my 2 babies. I book my travels when and how I want. I pick up and go. I work on projects that make me happy and I earn so well for it, from home. It changed my life for better. It made my family's life better. I'm so happy and fulfilled.

And that's why I teach women how to do the same.


Grow Your Audience With Paid Ads

Grow with Paid Ads | The Membership

You can GROW YOUR AUDIENCE WITH PAID ADS - and not break the bank

Grow With Paid Ads - the membership gives you the simple formula that I used to grow my email list to over 1000 subscribers out of paid ads alone, so I can finally stop saying "but I don't have an audience".

After that, I put it on autopilot and I run it at different budgets depending on my goals. Sometimes super low key at $1 a day, sometimes $5/day and most times $10/day.

It's my proven and trusted system to grow my audience and my business as I do my lifee.


The Paid Ads Mini Funnel Guide (FREE)

I use this mini-funnel to grow my email list with my ideal audience and make sales. This works on any level and any budget.

Building your email list with your people, those ready to hear what you have to say, and interested in your paid offers, can be simple, with just a few intentional steps. Download the Free PDF Guide and see the system I use for myself and my clients. You can do this at any stage in your business and with any budget, even as little as $1/day. Download the Free PDF guide and see how I do it


The Simple Service Offer Guide (FREE)

Grab the FREE guide -I'll show you how in 3 simple steps you can create a simple service offer ready to sell. We'll begin with your passions, something you already know or are already doing in your job. Easy to implement PDF guide x

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