Episode #46: How I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Episode #46: How I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Hello my beautiful friends, I'm so excited to share with you my laid-back journey with affiliate marketing and how this area is growing a super fun and useful income in my business month on month.

This episode will help out (and give you a full BTS perspective) if you want to:

  • make money through affiliate marketing (you become an affiliate for anything you want) and fun tips to incentivise your audience to use your affiliate links
  • create an affiliate program in your business
  • become an affiliate for my programs and earn commission

In the episode I share my full journey, where I currently earn from as an affiliate, how I created my affiliate program, what course and platform I use for it and how to join my affiliate program x

Here are all the links (these are affiliate and referral links, some have extra bonuses x)

Hubpages - the first place I ever earnt an affiliate commission on and continue to earn since 2012ish

You can check it out and create a free account here (referral link)

Credit to my Business course - what I use predominantly as a bonus for my affiliate sales

Bonus: $25 Georgiana Credit if you use my affiliate link here to purchase the course (atm the course is priced at $9)

The Lazy Guide to Street Teams (aka Affiliate Programs)

Bonus: $50 Georgiana Credit if you use my affiliate link here to purchase the course

Teachable (the platform I use to host my affiliate program + all my courses/coaching/strategy sessions/PDF guides)

You receive $25 Credit from Teachable if you use my referral code here (current promo by Teachable, I have no control over any changes they may make to this)

🎉Join my affiliate program and earn 40% commission 🤩

Apply here (super quick 3 question form x)

Thank you for listening. I hope this episode served you. If you have any questions or just wanna share some love about the episode - email me at assistant@georgianadacosta.com or DM me at @thegeorgianadacosta on Instagram x

Thank you for listening.

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PS: believe in your dreams, anything is possible for you x