Episode #36: Homeschooling and Entrepreneurship with Malia Phelps Waller

Episode #36 of the Free Happy and Thriving Online Business and Marketing Podcast

Hello, my beautiful friends,

In this episode, I had the joy of interviewing Malia Phelps Waller.

Malia is a home-school mom, special educator and behaviour analyst who is passionate about learning through play. She helps home-school families with high-energy, hands-on learners, build a fun and playful home-school experience.

I am part of one of Malia's homeschool programs and I absolutely love what she teaches and the fact that she didn't only start a business to support her homeschooling but she actually made a business out of homeschooling too.

Here are today's episode timestamps:

00:03:00 Marriage of Homeschooling and Education

00:09:28 How to Manage Business and Homeschooling?

00:17:10 How To Teach Your Child That You Work as a Homeschooling Mama?

00:20:42 Malia on Starting a Business Out of Homeschooling

00:25:03 Do You Feel Like You're Doing Enough for Your Kids?

00:27:23 Why Do You Homeschool?

00:30:34 How to Start Homeschooling?

Connect with Malia on the links below and check out her generous free gift and amazing membership (that I'm part of and absolutely love):

Malia's Offers:

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