Episode #32: 3 Marketing Strategies for 2023

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Hello, my beautiful friends,

Thank you for being here.  I'm so excited to share my 3 marketing strategies for 2023. 

If you prefer video, I also recorded this live on Instagram, you can watch it here.

The 3 marketing strategies I talk about in this episode:

  • Paid Ads (a specific type)
  • Collaborations (and how to get access at any point in business)
  • Social media (specifically how I'm using social media this year without being much on it).

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

Free Resource: My Paid Ads Mini-Funnel

Paid Ads Course (how to grow on purpose with paid ads on any budget, even $1/day)

Email List Training (and how I apply the 3 strategies and more to grow my audience and my business).

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Thank you for listening.

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I appreciate you x Speak to you on the next episode



PS: believe in your dreams, anything is possible for you x