Episode #28: How I'm Selling This Black Friday + Resources For Your Offers

Let's talk about Black Friday sales.

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In this episode, I talk you through what I'm going to sell this Black Friday promotion, including my exact tech set-up and strategy behind it.

I imagine this episode like a coffee chat between biz besties, chatting through all the things we are doing this black Friday and why, and coming up with things that would work for us individually.

I also give you ideas of how to structure your black Friday offers if you are a service provider (i.e. photographer, copywriter, social media manager), coach, product seller (candles, planners etc) or a course creator and digital product business.


  • Why participate in Black Friday/Cyber Monday and how to do it to serve and not annoy your audience
  • How I did it last year super last minute (after it happened) and made sales
  • How I'm doing a brand new live training program, putting relevant current courses on offer and affiliate promotions this year, why, and how I'm doing it so it serves my audience and my business strategy
  • the exact software and manner in which I'm doing my paid live training
  • the black Friday course I took before I made my first black Friday offer last year and sold straight away (that costs $9, linked below)
  • a course you could use from one of my favourite business strategists that will help you do your own paid live training
  • snippets of exactly what I'm offering this year and why


These are the 2 programs from one of my fav biz strategists, Elizabeth Goddard, known as Lizzy, that I recommend in this podcast.

Please note that these are affiliate links and if you purchase any of these I get a small commission. I personally took the Black Friday course and it helped me create my offer last minute. I sold my offer straight away and it paid for itself many times over.

In full transparency, I didn't take the Profitable Live Trainings course but have learnt about it in different capacities from Lizzy and other coaches, and knowing Lizzy's top-quality content I thoroughly recommend it if you need a step-by-step guide and strategy on how to create a paid live training (also known as a paid webinar, paid workshop, paid masterclass) for yourself. I literally can't think of a better resource than this course for anyone starting with a paid live training.


That (Black) Friday Feeling Course ($9) 

Profitable Live Trainings (free training + link to $100 off the course price)

Thank you for listening.

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