Episode #31: 7 New Year 2023 Things

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Happy New Year my beautiful friends! Thank you for being here. Here are the 7 New Year 2023 things I want to share with you.

They are lessons, things I've experimented with, my stories - which I believe will serve you in 2023.

  • Start the thing
  • Over planning is paralyzing and doing it perfectly and doing it all it's probably going to overwhelm your ideal client/customer - instead do the thing that would help them and the thing that you can take action on and help them sooner with
  • Start small - hope you enjoying my training and doors example x
  • Intuitive action - how I finally made sense of this and it made all the difference
  • Testing attitude
  • Forgive yourself quickly
  • Grow your email list (in the capacity that makes sense for your business - but grow it, it will do all the things I talk about on this point x)

If this served you let me know. Hit reply, leave a comment/review, and share it with someone who would benefit, it will make my day and I will do a happy dance and send you virtual hugs xx

Thank you for being here, I appreciate you being here and it's an honour to get to help you grow your online business x

PS: I took intuitive action and recorded this episode live on Instagram too - you catch watch it here (including the part halfway that's not included here because the recording stopped). This is for you if you prefer video and to feel like we are chatting face-to-face. And of course, there is coffee involved 

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Thank you for listening.

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PS: believe in your dreams, anything is possible for you x