You can GROW YOUR AUDIENCE WITH PAID ADS - and not break the bank

You want to build your audience… Attract your dream clients…Make Sales...But you don't have all the time in the world to spend on social media…yet everywhere you look you see strategies on how to build your audience organically without paid ads and maybe you too have started thinking that not using paid ads is the right way to build your business.

But why? Why when paid ads are available for your to save time and get traction, sooner, in your business? Why, when paid ads is how most successful companies start, from the ground up.

Why would you give up that tool in your business for the glory of having it done 'without spending a penny on paid ads'. If you are not spending pennies on paid ads, most likely you are spending a lot of time.

Why when paid ads can serve you at any level and on any budget? You don't need thousands, not even hundreds. This is just a tool, a really lucrative e one, and you can match it to where you're at right now in business.

I want to show you a different way. I want to show you to use any budget, even $1/day (that's $30/m) to get some low key, but good performance, lead generation paid ads up, on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and start growing your email list and making sales.

And I promise you, it doesn't have to be techy or complicated at all.

And to help you with it I put together a $9/membership to teach you exactly how to make it happen.

Yep, that's it, $9. Cancel anytime.

Or grab the annual plan and get 1 month free (only $99)

Annual Plan (1 month free)


Grow With Paid Ads - the membership gives you the simple formula that I used to grow my email list to over 1000 subscribers out of paid ads alone, so I can finally stop saying "but I don't have an audience".

After that, I put it on autopilot and I run it at different budgets depending on my goals. Sometimes super low key at $1 a day, sometimes $5/day and most times $10/day.

It's my proven and trusted system to grow my audience and my business as I do my lifee.


"When it comes to growing an email list and utilizing paid ads as a means to grow your business, Georgiana has a truly gifted and unmatched way of sharing her expertise with entrepreneurs it can make an enormous difference for. As a more spiritually-led coach, business owner and online marketer, I've often struggled to find experts within the paid ads niche who understand my holistic and authentic approach to business and audience growth, and the fact that showing up as my true SELF is integral to my brand identity and the energy behind what I do and how I lead others. Georgiana as a coach and consultant made me feel immediately open to the idea of paid ads as an accessible and aligned growth tool, and as a result I invited her to speak in one of my courses, filled with other business owners who also desire a feel-good and sustainable approach to growing online.

I'd recommend without hesitation Georgiana's teachings and courses to anyone desiring to utilize ads and email lists in their business in an authentic, aligned way, free from traditional (often tacky) sales tactics and languaging that just doesn't resonate or feel in integrity for so many of us."

Lauren Saunders - - @thealignedentrepreneur on IG

What did you like most about the membership?

Live Q&A Call





I got my first 1000 email subscribers out of ads alone. That kickstarted my audience growth. I'll show you how.

Paid ads are in your control. You exchange some money and your chosen social media platform puts you in front of your ideal audience.

It's not a shortcut, you'll have to set it up correctly and have a strategy for it (which I will give you step by step in the membership and support you once they are live too) but it's reliable, proven and can be very simple.

But most importantly, it can be your fastest and most stable route to sales.

Paid ads are in many ways better than organic in helping you grow faster, on purpose and in your control. However, if you love and can do organic, both options complement each other like coffee and milk :)

But this membership is for you if like me and my clients, you don't want to spend all your time trying to figure out algorithms online and you'd like to get some growth in, for as small of an investment as you're willing to make in your paid ads.



What did you like most about the membership?

The emails, I liked that the information is not only for running ads






I've been running ads every day of my life since 2016. I am a marketing consultant and I manage six-figure ad budgets for my clients. They turn over millions in revenue from the ads I run for them.

I also run ads for myself and I'm constantly growing my small but mighty audience on autopilot, because I'm a mom of two and I don't have all day to make tiktoks and reels, but I do have $1-$5 a day to put into building the most important asset in my business - my email list - aka my audience, where I make all my sales.

I'm so excited to show you my simple strategy of how you can do the same and support you to implement inside the membership.

Georgiana Dacosta x

What did you like most about the membership?

The step-by-step instructions

-Marie Gasper-Hulvat

What's Inside GWPA The Membership


3 x Monthly Content Drops

Specific, content drops to run simple, low-budget paid ads to grow your email list. Based on what's currently working. Includes:

  • ad templates
  • tech tutorials
  • strategy & tips
  • BTS on what's working for me and my clients
  • funnel/freebie/landing page/sales tips to make your ads convert

Value: $200


Monthly Pre-Recorded Q&A Call

Submit your questions. Everyone gets an answer, guaranteed. You don't need to worry if you can't make it to the live or the time zone isn't a match. This is.

Value: $200


Paid Ads Walkthrough (Tech Library)

The simplest/up-to-date/growing resource to set up paid ads for the first time from to published, recorded Q&A style so you can always drop in and get your answer when you face tech questions.

Value: $97

Freebies That Sell


Immediate Access: 1:1 Strategy Call Member Discount

As a member of the membership, you can book 1:1 strategy sessions with me to review your ads at 50% off the full price. This means my eyes on your freebie, landing page, ads, ad results, tech questions. 1:1 custom-made for you. Unlimited bookings.

Saving (if booked): $150


Complimentary access to Students & Clients Only Group

Perfect place to ask questions, share screenshots, get a second opinion.


Live Rounds

We run regular live rounds with extra support (Zoom calls), guidance and accountability to help you get your ads up and offer your individualised support.

What did you like most about the membership?

I loved how simple and straight forward the processes and lessons are in the membership course. I just watched each video and set everything up at the same time, step by step, til I had a finished product. It was so easy! I loved being able to hop on a live call with Georgiana and get help and feedback, as well as all the amazing support in the FB Group!

-Katharine Transue

''Before this training running paid ads felt out of reach, like I needed to be bringing in large amounts of money before I could run ads.

But now I am much more informed and empowered to be able to make a better decision about when I should run ads.

What I liked the most about this training was that the unscheduled live was super helpful! Plus having the opportunity to get an expert's insight into your specific issue was invaluable.

My biggest takeaway is that I can experiment without a large budget! I could run two ads simultaneously without spending a lot but maximize my returns.

I would definitely recommend this training.

Even though I hadn't gone through the entire course prior to the live round, I super appreciated having the opportunity to learn some foundational information that will benefit me as I go through the course in more detail.''

Maria Ortega


Step by step process inside the membership, with monthly content and Q&A sessions to support you, for only $9/m

Create a simple freebie that your dream clients would love

I will show you my exact system of how I reversed-engineered the simplest freebie (and trust me I tried many) that helps my people and builds my authority and trust.

Create a few simple ads to promote that freebie

This is the simple. You can put one ad up or 10. You can spend $1/day or $100 a day (or anything you want). I'll show you how to strategise the whole thing and create it yourself. The simple way.

We cover the strategy, plan, best practice + a tech sheet with how to implement it.

Get leads - people that download the freebie and join your email list

I'll show you my tech set up and a few options of how to put this together even if you are not very techy and how to make it perform for you.

Email those leads and make sales

Every lead that comes in because your audience and unlikely organic social media, this is in your control and targeted. If you sell virtual assistance services and someone downloaded your guide on "top 3 ways a virtual assistant will help your business grow" now you've got a growing email list of people interested in working with a virtual assistant. Your offer will be the natural next step.

Simple, Low Investment Paid Ads Strategy In Your Back Pocket

I'll be honest. I almost called this membership Paid Ads Concierge. Because I know just how extremely valuable the support is inside. How confident and supported you'll feel to use paid ads in your business, even if you spend $1-$5/day to run them.

And with the membership being $9, I know just how approachable this is at any given stage in your biz.

There’s no better time to direct and control your growth than right now. The Grow with Paid Ads membership will give you a simple, easy-to-plan and implement and realistic strategy to grow a relevant audience so you can speak to your people, build your business and make money online!


I have one aim and one aim only - to make this the most awesome and helpful membership you've ever been part of and to make sure you rock your paid ads and get lots of results, on autopilot.


cancel anytime


When does the membership start?

Immediate access to the content vault (we have had membership content since August). When you log in you will have access to your 2 bonus courses + the form to submit your Q&A question.

What type of paid ads are you teaching?

We start with lead generation paid ads on social media - Facebook and Instagram. We will expand to more type of ads over time.

Is this refundable?

Yes, if you join and feel like you haven't learnt anything, you have a 30 days refund policy. However, please note that you will have to provide a reason why you need a refund and proof that you tried to implement the work.

The membership is also $9/monthly, cancel anytime. So if you feel like it's not a good fit or you are complete, you can stop your membership at any time.

Important: if you purchase the annual plan and redeem the 1:1 strategy session, your purchase is not longer refundable.

What if I already have the bonus courses?

If you already own Grow on Purpose With Paid Ads and/or Freebies that Sell, you retain full access to the course. Even if you cancel your membership you have lifetime access to courses and updates. Members that didn't previously own the courses will retain access for the duration of their membership.

Whilst the courses are a great foundation to the membership. the monthly content you will receive, in excess of $300/m in value without the courses, for only $9, will help and support you in running successful low-investment paid ads, and make worthwhile your upgrade.


This membership is not associated or endorsed by Meta (Facebook or Instagram) but simply shows my process and strategy to run ads on their platforms successfully. Results are not guaranteed and depend on your implementing and tweaking the strategies to work for you. I will be here to support you through our membership Q&A and comments, but the results are fully your responsibility.