Free Happy Thriving Notebook Journal: Blank Pages Notebook Journal with Empowering Affirmations

If you are like me, a business woman with a creative mind, you need a beautiful notebook or journal to add your dreams, ideas, tasks and all thing to do. And if you are like me, you'd like it to be on premium, beautiful, blank pages, with some affirmations and quotes that uplift your day and remind you that you are widely capable of your dreams and you have everything you need to succeed, within.

I created the Free Happy & Thriving Notebook / Journal because I couldn't find the notebook of my dreams

For me writing down my thoughts and ideas, whether it's journaling or simply putting down my to do list, is an experience I cherish. It gives structure and flow to my day.

I was tired of plain white or black covers with simple unruled notebook titles. I wanted to sit down at my office and when I pick up the notebook, feel empowered. Even though it's just a notebook, it can create an experience that it's all possible, my dreams are mine to conquer, and my day is mine to own.

Free Happy Thriving Notebook Planner
Free Happy Thriving Notebook Planner

I couldn't find a notebook or journal that was created for that purpose.

So I've created it myself. And I've put it here for you, so it can serve you the same way and help you have more than a notebook or plain journal, but a creative experience and a reminder of what a capable, incredible and talented business woman you are!

Yours truly,
Georgiana Dacosta

Host at the Free Happy & Thriving | Online Business & Marketing Podcast