Turn Google searches into email subscribers and more sales

Grow on Purpose with Paid Ads on Search.

How many times do you search on Google for things? What if, when your audience searches for help, Your Business shows up, on autopilot?

I'll show you how to Grow your Audience, On Purpose, on Google search:

  • Show up to your dream audience when they are looking for the solutions you offer (right place, right time) on Search
  • Capture an audience (on purpose) and turn them into email subscribers
  • Make more sales and have a process you can trust to build your business, on autopilot

I've spent 8 years running Google Ads every day for clients (and still do). I'll show you my core learnings so you can use it for your own business


See exactly how I run simple lead generation ads on Google Search that generate millions in revenue for my clients

Peak behind the scenes on my strategy for only $497

I’ll show you the core pillars of my Google Ads strategy, that I use for my clients (since 2016) to get hot leads on autopilot through Google Search. I've used this strategy to launch brand new businesses, and scale some to millions, and it always works, because the system is simple, and reliable.

  • Learn how you can leverage Google Ads to get email subscribers and more sales using
  • Understand the key fundamentals that make Google Ads unique and how to strategically use them for your business to get the results you want at the budget you have. I have used this successfully with clients budgets of $10/day to five-figure/month. The budget can vary but the foundation and how it can be tragically set up, it's the same
  • Leave with a clear, proven and simple strategy that you can use on your own business

+ 3 months access to the Grow with Paid Ads membership where for the next month I will be showing you step by step how I set up my own ads on Google from scratch + FB group support and monthly live call.

You can use ads to grow from day 1 or any stage in your business

You take a $10/day budget or more and use it to show in front of people exactly at the time they are looking for a solution like the one you offer, on Google Search. I wish more business owners like you and I understood just how reliable and profitable paid ads can be when used right.

Myth: Ads are only for businesses with large budgets

Truth: List growing ads on Google can work for any business. I helped launch multiple client businesses with paid ads alone.

The real myth around the internet is that we need to 'prove' our business organically or we need to 'make it without spending a penny on paid ads'. Why? I thought we just need to make it in a way that fits our goals, dreams and business...

I'll show you how paid ads can help with that.

I help my clients daily grow with paid ads. I grow my own business daily with paid ads. I dedicate myself to show you how to grow daily with paid ads. Let's do this x

In just 90 minutes or so, I’ll be your ads strategist and take you behind the scenes on a simple,reliable and proven-to work paid search ads strategy. Come and have a look and decide for yourself if you could reach your dream people and grow your business by using google ads.

Google Ads client

YES—I need this training!


The day I discovered direct response marketing (aka paid ads) I fell in love with them. The rest is history.

Hi I’m Georgina,

your paid ads girlie here to show you how ads can get you in front of your dream audience, grow your email list and bring you more sales, the simple way.

I’ve been in the industry long enough to know that most entrepreneurs fear ads and think they need to make it organically and stay away from ads because it's too expensive and too difficult—that's simply not true and I am here to help you get access to one of the best tools on the internet to grow a business (any business) - Paid Search Ads. Since 2016 I've helped my marketing consultancy clients launch and grow businesses, some to millions in revenue, with Paid Ads.

Let’s say goodbye to the organic struggle. Organic is great but it doesn't have to be exclusive. Not everyone needs to go viral on TikTok to make it. There are other ways. You can do both or you can choose one. And if you're here taking a peak at search ads (ads on Google - those sponsored listings you see when you search for something) why not see how You can leverage search ads for your business.

And remember, it doesn't have to be super complex or break the bank. But there are one or two things that I found are key to success, after hundreds of hours spent running ads, every day since 2016.

As a Google partner I met Google's Partner Program requirements which is to

I have 2 happiest places in my business:

  • In my ads dashboard, tweaking and making campaigns work
  • Live with my clients sharing my knowledge

On Google Ads, I am a certified Google Partner because I meet the criteria of spend, campaign performance and exames and certifications (in the pic below). In this training, I take all of this experience and compress in structure and core strategy that you can apply to your business - and save time and trial and error.

Kind words from my paid ads clients & students

*below are testimonials from my paid ads clients and students to give you an idea of my expertise and what to expect from training with me x these are for both search ads and social media ads.

"When it comes to growing an email list and utilizing paid ads as a means to grow your business, Georgiana has a truly gifted and unmatched way of sharing her expertise with entrepreneurs it can make an enormous difference for. As a more spiritually-led coach, business owner and online marketer, I've often struggled to find experts within the paid ads niche who understand my holistic and authentic approach to business and audience growth, and the fact that showing up as my true SELF is integral to my brand identity and the energy behind what I do and how I lead others. Georgiana as a coach and consultant made me feel immediately open to the idea of paid ads as an accessible and aligned growth tool, and as a result I invited her to speak in one of my courses, filled with other business owners who also desire a feel-good and sustainable approach to growing online.

I'd recommend without hesitation Georgiana's teachings and courses to anyone desiring to utilize ads and email lists in their business in an authentic, aligned way, free from traditional (often tacky) sales tactics and languaging that just doesn't resonate or feel in integrity for so many of us."

Lauren Saunders - thealignedentrepreneur.com - @thealignedentrepreneur on IG

''Before this training running paid ads felt out of reach, like I needed to be bringing in large amounts of money before I could run ads.

But now I am much more informed and empowered to be able to make a better decision about when I should run ads.

What I liked the most about this training was that the unscheduled live was super helpful! Plus having the opportunity to get an expert's insight into your specific issue was invaluable.

My biggest takeaway is that I can experiment without a large budget! I could run two ads simultaneously without spending a lot but maximize my returns.

I would definitely recommend this training.

Even though I hadn't gone through the entire course prior to the live round, I super appreciated having the opportunity to learn some foundational information that will benefit me as I go through the course in more detail.''

Maria Ortega

See how you can use Search Ads to get in front of tens of thousands of your dream customers, grow your email list and make more sales

For just $497 you’ll see exactly how I've launched and even scaled to millions of $ in revenue client businesses on Google Ads using a lead generation strategy with a few core pillars that work every time.

This paid search ads training is for you if:

  • You want to leveage Search Ads to get in front of thousands (or hundreds of thousands) or your dream audience and bring them into your world (aka email list) using simple and strategic ads
  • You're tired of trying to make it organic and are ready to use ads in your business (but you know that it doesn't need to break the bank, you can run the ads at the budget you have and grow from there)
  • You're ready to have a system that brings you your dream audience on autopilot and grows your email list on purpose - so you can make more sales and grow your business
  • You enjoy behind-the-scenes and from-experience type of trainings
  • You want tech trainings and someone to ask questions (which you get with the membership bonus) + a tech sheet with official tutorial links from Google Ads

Let’s get your business showing un on Search

Are you ready to grow your audience and make more sales by using Search Ads?

Learn my strategy for only $497.

  • 90 mins (approx.) training on my exact step by step strategy I use on Paid Search Ads to show my clients' businesses in front of the right audience, get leads and make more sales
  • The fundamentals you need to successfully run ads on search and what has worked and hasn't for me in the last 8 years (so save you the testing and trying
  • A simple plug-and+play campaign strategy I applied to multiple businesses in different industries and always worked
  • How to get your business ready for ads on Google
  • Tech sheet with official tutorials (from Google Ads) on how to set up your ads


  • Get lifetime access to the recording
  • Get access to the course format of the training (by end of May)
  • Lifetime access to the course updates.

+ BONUS: 3 months access to the Grow with Paid Ads membership where for the next month I will be showing you step by step how I set up my own ads on Google from scratch + FB group support and monthly live call.

+ Invite to my students & clients only FB group (perfect to ask tech and strategy qs and get feedback)


I don't currently run ads, is this helpful?

Absolutely. This is ideal if you want to get started with ads on search (Google) and want to learn from someone who has done it for years so you can save time and money and get more results by starting with a proven strategy. Results are of course not guaranteed, this depends on your own effort and implementation, but I hold nothing back, I will share my knowledge and experience so you can fasttrack your success.

Is this refundable?

Yes. I have a 14-days refund policy. If you feel that you didn't learn anything new, email assistant@georgiandacosta.com and tell us the reason why you need a refund and we will process it for you.

I want to run ads on Facebook and Instagram, is this for me?

No. This is specifically for search ads on Google. A part of the strategy is applicable to any type of lead generation ads and I use it succesfully for myself, clients and students on Facebook and Instagram. However, for my ads on social media strategies I recommend your checkout my Grow on Purpose with Paid Ads on Social Media course and my Grow with Paid Ads Membership (remember you get 3 months inside the membership as a bonus).

PS: if you want both my search ads and grow with paid ads courses, look out for a special offer when you purchase this training. This is only for Grow on Purpose with Paid Ads on Search students.


This training is not associated or endorsed by Google or Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram or Meta. This is a training showing my experience based on running ads since 2016, as a Google Ads Manager and Google Ads Partner. The training is based on my real experience and provides tips and strategies that worked for me and my clients. However, I am not responsible or liable for your results, as this can vary depending on your business and implementation.

Lifetime access to the course means lifetime access for the duration of the course (not mine or your lifetime). In the unlikely case the course was to be discontinued, I will give you at least 1 month notice to download the content.