If you're just getting started online and you need to be budget effective or just keep the tech simple, the best thing you can invest in is an email list software - with an opt-in page and freebie. That's where your strategic audience growth and sales will come from. 

The email software I use, Convertkit, can help you with all of that. It's one of the most loved and recommended software out there, I've been using it for years and I agree, it's golden!

Here are 2 reasons why I recommend you check out Converkit's BlackFriday offer:

  • You can host your email list, create landing pages and deliver freebies all within Converkit (and so much more!)
  • They are running an incredible deal - only $199 for the year! that's about $16 a month 

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Landing Pages & A Website That Converts Visitors into Buyers Like You're Selling Hot Cakes 

I truly believe you can make any website look great on LeadPages.

The pages are:

  • intuitive
  • drag and drop
  • easy to set up
  • secure
  • fast
  • beautiful
  • they coach you on page how to increase conversions with easy prompts

The only thing I regret about LeadPages is not becoming an affiliate earlier because I've been recommending to everyone for the past 5 years!

And they are running a 50% off sale on their annual plan. You literally get 6 months free if you sign up during their Black Friday sale. Check out the LeadPages offer here.

If you want to see what their pages look like, everything on and any landing page I've ever shared with you is built on LeadPages .

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Side Note: The bonuses are cumulative. If you love both softwares like I do, and you use my affiliate links to get their Black Friday annual plan deals, you quality for $100 Georgiana Credit to use towards any of my offers in my store here.



If you don't already offer a service offer, it could be a massive opportunity for you to:

  • make sales straight away, even if you are a complete beginner without a website, experience or any product ready to sell
  • add an injection of income along your course and other sales
  • create a higher level support for current students through done-for-you, done-with-you or coaching offers

I have a 5-day-challenge course, that takes you step by step through the process of creating a service offer with what you already know, with examples of where to find offers and clients as inspo and how to work with clients. This is my most popular course to date.

I'm running a 50% off Black Friday sale.

You can get more info about the Make Money With What You Know & Turn It Into A Service That Pays course and join for only $48.50.


If you already have the course above or simply want a more custom-made solution for you, check out the 1-on-1 zoom strategy call option.

You can come with any problem in your business - your offer, your pricing, getting clients, tech to set it up - book the session, fill in the questionnaire, and I'll come prepared to chat with you on zoom for 1 hour. You'll leave with strategies, tips, feedback, and the opinion of someone who has been selling services and courses online for the last 10 years.

The call will be recorded, and you will have lifetime access to the replay within 48h of the call.

And I've put it on sale for Black Friday. It's 50% off. As this is 1 on 1 and I've already offered a lot of slots of these at the beginning of the month, this is very limited, up to 10 spots maximum at this price.


If you don't already know Elizabeth Goddard, known as Lizzy, you'll love that I introduced you to her.

She is a brilliant multi-six-figures, multi-offer strategist that has these incredible, small and big, programs, carefully designed to get you growth in my business.

My kinda offer! I bought lots of her offers and continue to because her stuff is amazing!

She is running a very creative Black Friday Sale and I am proud to be an affiliate of her programs, that I love so much.

I knew it would fit on today's topic and pretty much the whole week, because she is literally offering a discounted one-off or payment plan offered to all her offers - which covers pretty much anything you need to start and grow an online business from tech to emails to offers to strategies and all the things in between.