Do you feel full of ideas to create in your business?

But you always feel you should "niche down" because all the experts say that's the way, if not you'll confuse your audience and never succeed.

That keeps you stuck, always feeling like you don't fully love what you do because you need to fit into a box that doesn't fit you.

So when it comes to creating offers, creating content to sell your offers, building a strong brand...you've started and stopped and started again too many times, because you're multi-passionate and this niche down thing doesn't work for you...but you still want a stable business and sales.

Introducing....Succesfully Nicheless...How to bring you multi passions to the world but still build a solid business strategy and brand you can rely on and that your audience loves.

Back in 2012, I started my business to travel the world...so I created a travel blog and social media account. Then I decided to be a freelancer (made money straight away). I started another blog and social media account. Then I become a freelance travel writer - guess what? rebrand baby! then I started a membership - reeeebrand..countless hours designing my site, which I later closed cuz I chose a platform that was too expensive to maintain..

Not to mention the hours deleting my old accounts. This went on for years.

I build a successful business. I learnt along the way. I stopped rebranding about 3 years ago! and now I create offers, sell them, do it all with the conscious decision that I can't fit into a niche, it's not me, and it can't be me. It's irrelevant how well it could work, cause it's not me.

But just because you're nicheless, doesn't mean you lack strategy, stability, structure and sales in your business.

That's what I want to show you in this workshop. How to bring you multi passions to the world but still build a solid business strategy and brand you can rely on and that your audience loves.

We'll cover:

  • How I create strategic offers as a multi-passionate entrepreneur
  • How I have one brand and promote all those offers under this one brand
  • How I'm growing a thriving and growing email list that can promotes all my offers
  • How I'm promoting on social media all my offers/passions under one account
  • How I'm keeping a few things separate and why and how I make money with it without overcomplicating my life with multiple brands

I'll show you exactly how to:

  • plan your own offers when you fit under more than one niche
  • plan and create your content with ease around all your passions and make that a benefit not a distraction in your business - and own your niche-lessness!
  • how to niche down on individual offers without niching down your entire business on one brand without having to manage multiple sites and domains (we'll cover where it really matters to niche down and why)
  • how to still attract your dream audience, in one email list, even if they are all interested in different parts of your business


Lovely testimonial received live for Successfully Nicheless that describe word for word the intention why I created this program.