• Do you love helping others?
  • Do you dream of starting a business from home but have no idea how to?
  • Have you ever felt like you have something you're passionate about that you could turn into a business?
  • Do you crave or absolutely need more flexibility in your life to travel, be home with your children and just take control of your time?
  • Do you have a business but want to add an injection or cash or an additional source of income?

You know you're meant to do something for yourself and there's something out there for you, a way to share your passion with the world, help others and get paid for it.

And services can be one of the easiest ways for you to help others and make money, along with everything else you are doing.

My mission is to help start with something simple and reliable.

I'm here to help moms stay home after maternity leave, breastfeed a little longer if they want to, and be there for their little one's first steps and words. Enjoy the good stuff without being burnt out from work and commuting. Without living for a few hours before bedtime and at the weekends. I know I wanted that deeply for myself.

I'm here for the girl that wants to travel freely, just like me. She knows the world is her oyster and she wants a career, but on her terms. Maybe it's not her mama's dream like it wasn't mine's (I love you mama) but she needs to be true to herself and do it her way.

I'm here if you are in business, but a bit stuck or just not at the income you want to be at yet and could do with a stable and reliable insertion of cash.

I feel you. I am just like you. I can't imagine my life any other way than with the flexibility of an online business. It helps me live a life true to me, as a mother, as a woman, and as an introvert :) And just like you I had to start somewhere before I even felt ready.

And it truly can be simple and it's definitely possible if you want it to be. I can't wait to show you how, it's my mission!



Service business owner since 2012, Course Creator and Mentor for Women Who Want to Start an Online Business.

Mostly importantly mother and wife and on a mission to live life my way and help as many women do the say, their way x

I took the leap before I was ready

I remember why I started. In fact I stumbled across services, maybe just like you right now. I was looking for a way to make money online so I don't have to get an office job after University. I started with a project on a freelance site. I could work on it from home, on my laptop, and I was getting paid to do something I loved (write). I had no experience whatsoever.

I had all the fears but I desired it so much I moved through it. I made about $250 within 3 days and was making $1000/m in less than 3 months. Then I made mistakes and crashed it all. I quit. I started again. I quit. I started again. 4 years in, on my honeymoon, I quit my last job ever and I decided it was my time to thrive. The next steps took me to $5k-$8k/month, sometimes $10k. And that was it. I never wrote a CV again in my life. I made this a stable source of income for my business, which I take up and down, as I need to, along with everything else I do (courses, coaching, books).

In the Make Money With Services Academy, I show you a simple way for you to leverage services just like I've been doing for 10 years to make money, grow your skills, get more freedom and flexibility and open more doors for your dreams.

It can be your whole business or one strategy, one source of reliable and solid income. You can pick and choose x

Reviews from the live session

Georgiana is one of the most caring, genuine and passionate people I have been blessed to know and to learn from. Sharing her hard-won experience with warmth, enthusiasm and clarity, she will equip you and inspire you to reach your business goals.
Working with Georgiana is like having a cheerleader and friend encouraging you on, but bringing too all the wisdom and experience of an incredible mentor and coach.

- Esther

I found doing the business side of photography very challenging. I’ve had no experience in marketing and/or “selling myself”. Georgiana came along and basically gave me the ins and outs of social media and it’s valuable in making a business work.

Learning about how I can grow my business made a huge impact not only with my business but my life too. Georgiana gave me the confidence to achieve more and believe in myself and how I can conduct my business for the future.

With Georgiana’s wealth of knowledge and patience, achieving success in your business will come easy. Her ability to to empower you and help you take control of your business is invaluable! xx

- Sabrina

Let's Do It Together - Immediate Access to All Training & Bonuses

You'll walk away with a simple set-up to sell services online. We'll do it together, in a 4-module power training

+ bonus lessons & resources

+ get lifetime access to the replay

+ course dashboard to leave comments & get ongoing support


Offer, pricing & money making strategy

  • Create your offer - strategy
  • Price your offer - strategy
  • Manage your capacity
  • My signature pricing formula to set you up for success no matter how small or big this is
  • My signature pricing strategy to sell anything as high value no matter your experience

Marketing & Sales System

  • The simplest and most effective marketing & sales strategy to sell services online
  • Marketing channels, why and how to pick the right one
  • Sales strategy, why and how to pick the right one
  • Simple ideal client training, why and how

All things Tech

  • Tech suite - the simple and mostly free set-up to sell services online
  • How to create a portfolio on social media
  • How to create a portfolio on my favourite simple website platform
  • How to create and send invoices (simple tech)
  • How to set up an account and use freelance platforms - pro tips

Working with Clients like a Pro

  • Manage invoices and payments
  • Offer high-level support with ease
  • Understand client's needs and support them without having to give them more time
  • Be the best service provider they've ever had with what you know now
  • Offer negotiation pro tips & scripts
  • Chase invoices scripts

Kinds words from students that have taken previous versions of this course

Kinds words from clients & students that worked with me 1:1 on building their service business

I moved to Barcelona to study cinematography. I turned down a part time job in an ice cream shop, that would have taken away all my free time, and started selling services online.

I started in January 2022 at 18 years old, and Georgiana coached me through every step of the way. I knew she did this for a living, I remember seeing over the years how she could just go to the beach or the restaurant and in between fit her client work.

Fast forward to August 2022 and selling services changed my life. I've had my first $1000 month which for me is a full time income, and it's been an incredible journey. I am so confident and excited about this, my skills have grown and I feel empowered and excited for where this is taking me.

I'm never going back!

- Diana (19 years old)

  • Create your offer - offer, pricing, capacity (whether you have 2h or 10h to work daily/weekly/monthly)
  • Create a simple marketing & sales system
  • Tech training (portfolio, freelance sites, social media )
  • Working with clients like a pro payments, service, communication tips, lessons
  • LIVE Q&A SESSIONS (you can send questions if not able to attend live)

30 days money back guarantee


What level should I be to get the most out of this training?

This training is carefully designed to help you make money with services whether you are brand new to business or have a source of income with other strategies and products (courses, memberships, coaching, events, physical products) and want to add another income stream.

This can be as simple and low-key as you want - to make an extra $100 or $10,000 by selling services and what we are doing though this live experience is setting up a simple, effective and proven system to run this.

A service doesn't have to be your entire business but can be an incredible way for you to get money through the door whilst you figure things out and whilst you build your dream.

What happens if I can't join the live session?

Although we encourage you to try to join us live, you can still get the full value with what we've put in place:

  • You can send questions in advance for the Q&A session (by Wednesday 8 am EST)
  • The full replay will be available within 48h (by Friday, Jan 27th) with lifetime access
  • All content will be edited into bitesize videos and uploaded to your course dashboard with lifetime access
  • Inside your course dashboard you can continue to ask questions and leave comments under each lecture
  • You will also get lifetime access to any course updates

Is my purchase refundable?

Yes, we have a 30 days refund policy on the course. If at any point in the 30 days period, you feel this is not for you, please email us at assistant@georgianadacosta.com within 30 days telling us why you want the refund.

What is the time commitment to make the most of this experience?

  • The full course format is about 5h
  • You can watch it in one go or as and when you need and implement it
  • The content is specifically designed to help you take action and see progress as soon as possible in selling your services online
  • in one week, or less, you could have the entire service offer/s set up

This program will show you the simple way. No fluff. No random add-ons. The simplest way for you to make money with services online doing something that you already know. Anything else can come after.

Can I benefit from this if I've never run a business before?

Yes absolutely! This is the perfect fit for you and takes you step by step, the easy simple way, to start making money with services online straight away.

Prior to this training, we run a live challenge showing over 400 women how to make money online with what they know, by turning a passion, skill, current job, or something they're willing to learn, into a service that pays. This is what some of our challenges have said:


We have a 30 days refund policy. If after reviewing your course content, you feel this is not for you, please email us at assistant@georgianadacosta.com within 30 days of your purchase and we will process your refund. You will have to let us know the reason why you felt the content was not useful.


I believe in you! I believe that if you put your mind to it you will make your dreams come true. When I decided that it was time for me to achieve something and I was ready, I always achieved it, because I decided and I was ready :) It was all in my hands, all along.

So, with that in mind, this training and the steps here are all in your hands too. I share with you what worked for me and a clear and easy mindset and strategy you can apply to make it work. But I cannot guarantee your results. You may do more with it, you may do less or you might do nothing with what you learn. It's all in your hands.

But I do believe in you and I hope to at least inspire you to believe in yourself and go for it.

Have a question?

DM me on Instagram at @thegeorgianadacosta or email assistant@georgianadacosta.com.