Want to learn how I create freebies that sell my offers with ease?

I'll show you my strategic freebie formula that I use to reverse beginner freebies from my offers (or offer ideas). This helped build my email with my dream audience, which is a good fit for my paid offers and converts much higher into sales.

Freebies That Sell

What You'll Learn

  • You'll learn a simple process of how to reverse engineer freebies from any of your paid offers (or ideas) so that you can build your list with an audience of buyers (those you can help and are interested in what you have to offer).
  • You'll learn how to put yourself into your audience's shoes and create a timeline process to your offer - so that you can help them get an instant win from your freebie AND position your paid offers as a natural next step/upgrade.
  • You'll learn how to use these freebies as simple mini-funnels in your business so that you can build your brand and authority, grow your email list and make more sales.
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When You Buy You'll Get - Instant Access to:

  • A 4-video mini-course walking you through the strategy and implementation of strategic freebies that sell
  • A step-by-step PDF guide with the process
  • Examples of my strategic freebies
  • A tech sheet with the resources I use to create my freebies, including design tools for PDF guides, pre-recorded masterclass/mini-courses, and software for opt-ins, email marketing and landing pages.
  • A bonus Q&A call from our last live round
  • A student dashboard where you can leave comments and ask me questions about the content and share your freebies for feedback.
  • Lifetime access to any future updates to the course.


Who is this for?

I use this freebie process for all my offers and for my clients. I've seen it work great for coaches, course creators, and service providers (done-for-you, done-with-you) from all industries including artists, doctors, photographers, videographers, teachers, project managers, ad managers, and virtual assistants to name a few.

Do I need to have a big audience for this to work?

Absolutely not! You can be a complete beginner or established business owner, with zero email list or a large email list, to benefit from this. I see this more as a best-practice, optimised system in your business, that can be implemented at any stage, but sooner rather than later.

Who is this not for?

If you already have freebies that convert highly and sell your offers like hotcakes, you probably already have reversed-engineered your freebies from your paid offers and may not need this program. Also, if you don't plan to build an email list/customer list and promote your paid offers, this is also not for you x

What if I don't have paid offers yet?

You will still benefit from this. In the video course and PDF guide, I show you how I reversed-engineer my highest converting freebie before I even knew the offer name. What will happen is that you'll build your email list with a "warm audience" and when you finish your offer and promote it, a lot of them will be ready to buy as it's a natural next step/upgrade from the content they already had from you in your freebie.

Won't freebies attract the wrong audience that only wants free things from me?

Definitely not the strategic freebie process I show you inside the program. Freebies are a great resource for us as business owners to build our brand and get in front of new people. However, strategic freebies are also part of what I call "the yes journey" that helps your audience say yes to themselves and their goals (be it buying a candle or starting a business) and yes to your content. Unlike open free content (i.e social media), your audience has to take action (opt-in) to access your freebie. And because you will reverse-engineer it from your offer it will make sense that you follow it up with a paid offer that's a natural higher support/upgrade.

+ see this as a way to get your audience to get a taste of your business and what you have to offer

Can I get personal feedback on the freebie I create?

Yes, leave a comment under the lessons in the course and I will respond back. You can share your freebie links, ask for feedback, ask tech questions x

Is my purchase refundable?

Yes, I have a 30 days refund policy on all of my courses. If you take the course and feel like you haven't learned anything new, please send me an email at assistant@georgianadacosta.com with the reason for your refund and we'll send you your money back x

Let's get your freebies selling your paid offers like hotcakes 🤩