You are ready to be supported in your business with 1:1 mentorship

You want a marketing consultant on your side, that can help you get the results you want whilst building a business around your life:

  • marketing strategy
  • business systems
  • accountability
  • mentorship

You are ready to:

  • grow your audience daily - we'll create a solid email marketing strategy, double down on what works for you, set up your paid ads if you want to try ads, look at collabs and any opportunity that works for you to grow, daily, your audience
  • get more sales - we will look at your processes and sales, whether we are starting from 0 or increasing, so we can create a process in your business and increase
  • do more of what you want, with confidence in yourself - the best part of working with a mentor and coach, is overcoming blocks is hard to see yourself. I will be there to call your out when you keep yourself from what you really want and are meant to do

What to expect:

In the 4-month or 12-month container, we focus on the foundation and marketing strategy for your business to help you get more leads and make more sales, your way - because we are here to build a business that works for our life not the way around, whilst we create significant transformation in your business.

This is for the woman ready to commit to action. She is either fine-tuning existing set-ups or starting from scratch, and she wants a marketing coach on her side to help her set up systems in her business that not only convert but work for her.

4 or 12 Months Commitment (limited spots)

Live calls, daily unlimited Voxer access (M-F), direct feedback on all your marketing content (landing pages, sales pages, emails, ads, tech set-up). You'll have a marketing coach and strategist on your side to help you set up systems in your business that not only convert but work for you, and also a coach to help you master your mindset and keep you accountable to your goals (because you can do it!).

Investment: $2000/m or PIF special rates ($6k for 4 months or $10k for 12 months)

If this feels like the commitment you want to take together in 2024, reach out for more details or to book in x

Ready to be supported at this level? You can book a free 30-minute chat or DM me a voice message on Instagram.

  • The coaching package includes 2 x 1:1 60-minute monthly calls and unlimited 1:1 Voxer support M-F.
  • Bonus: As s a coaching client, when you pay in full, you also get access to all my digital programs for the duration of our coaching package. That way, we spend our coaching sessions and time on Voxer working on your questions and exact business set-up, whilst you get access to all my knowledge and resources through my courses and memberships.

Have questions?

Have questions? Email or send me a DM on Instagram at @georgiana.dacosta. I'll be in touch to chat more and send you the info to get started.

I found doing the business side of photography very challenging. I’ve had no experience in marketing and/or “selling myself”. Georgiana came along and basically gave me the ins and outs of social media and it’s valuable in making a business work.

Learning about how I can grow my business made a huge impact not only with my business but my life too. Georgiana gave me the confidence to achieve more and believe in myself and how I can conduct my business for the future.

With Georgiana’s wealth of knowledge and patience, achieving success in your business will come easy. Her ability to to empower you and help you take control of your business is invaluable! xx

- Sabrina

1:1 coaching feedback

''I just wanna share how great it was to work with Georgiana this morning.

She helped me look through my lead magnet, my landing page and my website and gave me some amazing tips and tricks that I can implement right then and there on the spot and it didn't have to have it waiting for me later on.

She also heard me, she heard exactly what I wanted to do and she helped me come up with a plan, an actual strategic calendar to get things done right in a way that would be sustainable and attainable for myself so that I could serve my audience.

I am so grateful for the help that she served me with.

My biggest take away was: you know what, take all the advice that you get, but do the things that are, do it my way, so that is sustainable and that it’s relatable to my audience and I’m so grateful for that feedback and I’m excited for this launch and I’m grateful for your help Georgiana.

Thank you girl, keep doing what you doing ‘case you’re helping us out here.''

- Britteney The Coach from

1:1 session feedback

Lovely feedback on social media after a 1:1 session

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