Get a free 1:1 Loom video audit (that's a screen-recorded video, usually 15 to 30 min) to audit your ads and give you personalized feedback.

Things I can review in a Loom Audit:

  • Your ads setup
  • Ads performance
  • Your metrics and advice on how to read them
  • Your conversions setup
  • Your funnel
  • Feedback on your caption and on your copy
  • Anything that is not working

Note: Review can be done either by sending me screenshots, which I will guide on and ensure that I have all the needed information or by connecting me to your ads manager account so I can film straight inside your ads dashboard and give you feedback.

Email support is included in the Loom Audit to help answer your questions and get the best information to prepare your Audit.

Investment: $97

All audits are delivered within 3 working days of information sent. I will email you directly with all details.

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Reviews from customers that have done 1:1 sessions with me from different experiences from Audits, 1:1 sessions and hot seat coaching

''I just wanna share how great it was to work with Georgiana this morning.

She helped me look through my lead magnet, my landing page and my website and gave me some amazing tips and tricks that I can implement right then and there on the spot and it didn't have to have it waiting for me later on.

She also heard me, she heard exactly what I wanted to do and she helped me come up with a plan, an actual strategic calendar to get things done right in a way that would be sustainable and attainable for myself so that I could serve my audience.

I am so grateful for the help that she served me with.

My biggest take away was: you know what, take all the advice that you get, but do the things that are, do it my way, so that is sustainable and that it’s relatable to my audience and I’m so grateful for that feedback and I’m excited for this launch and I’m grateful for your help Georgiana.

Thank you girl, keep doing what you doing ‘case you’re helping us out here.''

- Britteney The Coach from

I found doing the business side of photography very challenging. I’ve had no experience in marketing and/or “selling myself”. Georgiana came along and basically gave me the ins and outs of social media and it’s valuable in making a business work.

Learning about how I can grow my business made a huge impact not only with my business but my life too. Georgiana gave me the confidence to achieve more and believe in myself and how I can conduct my business for the future.

With Georgiana’s wealth of knowledge and patience, achieving success in your business will come easy. Her ability to to empower you and help you take control of your business is invaluable! xx

- Sabrina

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