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I got my first 1000 email subscribers with low cost paid ads (spending $1/day to $10/day).

Peak inside my exact process used to grow my email list to my first 1000 email subscribers with paid ads on Facebook and Instagram for a very low budget. I show you the strategy, the ads, the freebie, the landing page, what I spent over time, the pillars of my mini funnel and exactly what those 1000 subscribers bought.

What I got after 1000 email subscribers:

  • sales for almost every course/program I sold (and lots of subscribers bought multiple things)
  • momentum (soon after I got to 2000 subscribers from collaborations)
  • confidence to run my business (now that I had an audience that was interacting back) - i.e make offers, sell, apply for collaborations
  • free time to spend with my family and running my biz (I don't have time to create TikToks and reel all day in order to make sales).

This is for you if you want to give paid ads a try, grow your list and make more sales, whilst investing in ads at your pace.

xoxo Georgiana Dacosta

Disclaimer: this guide is not endorsed or associated with Meta (Facebook or Instagram) but simply my process, strategy and experience running ads on these platforms and growing my email list.